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Business Development

Our strategic planning and business development consultants are experienced in strategic planning and business development and advise foreign business individuals and corporate clients on how to enter and position their brand in the UAE market.

We believe developing a corporate strategy is not exclusive to large companies but small companies must also apply strategic management to achieve their set goals. The process of strategic analysis and strategic business planning is just as valid for small companies.

With our in depth market knowledge and by identifying and developing your organisations objectives we can allocate the resources necessary to implement the policies and plans and achieve the objectives.

We can provide support and guidance for the length of the project, from idea through to launch and sustainable success. Our business management consultants will work with you to generate the business strategy and then put the strategic management processes in place ensuring that your product or service has the right backing, positioning and promotion for long term success and profitability.

Our targeted strategic advice is for

new businesses starting up
existing companies that want to grow
firms that have reached a plateau
businesses that want a high performing team ts
organizations that have decided to sell

Business development and strategic planning are inextricable. Business development is more project oriented whereas strategic planning is not a means to an end. Strategic plans are not set in stone, instead they are subject to refinement, due to changed circumstances.

Corporate Finance :

Our corporate finance analysts are committed to delivering corporate financial solutions to your business using the most appropriate methods. We provide SME’s and owner managed businesses with the most complete and practical advice that is available in the Middle East.

IDC Consultants will work with you to facilitate the transaction to achieve your business goals by selecting the right finance product for your business requirements and deliver our solutions with professionalism, courtesy and the highest level of customer service.

The team can help you boost your business's appeal to investors, maximise your funding options, identify and negotiate with target businesses, potential acquirers or help you through the complex process of gaining a listing.

Whatever your industry or geographical location, our corporate finance advisors understand the essentials, transaction processes and what the financial community expects of a company. We can help you meet these requirements whilst recognising your need to remain focussed on the day to day operations of the corporate business.

Our reputation is such that investors know we will only associate with credible, well-conceived proposals which include the essentials of corporate finance.

Whatever corporate finance transaction you have in mind, we are committed to providing you with proactive advice and “hands on” support so that your transaction can be completed efficiently. Our service will be tailored to take into account the specific circumstances of your transaction.

We advise on a full range of corporate finance transactions including:

Raising seed, start-up, development or expansion capital
Mergers, demergers, acquisitions or the sale of private companies
Mergers, demergers and takeovers of public companies, including public-to-private deals
Management buy-out, buy-in or similar of companies, divisions or subsidiaries - typically backed by private equity
Equity issues by companies, including the flotation of companies on a recognized stock exchange in order to raise capital for development and/or to restructure ownership
Raising capital via the issue of other forms of equity, debt and related securities for the refinancing and restructuring of businesses
Financing joint ventures, project finance, infrastructure finance, public-private partnerships and privatizations
Secondary equity issues, whether by means of private placing or further issues on a stock market, especially where linked to one of the transactions listed above.
Raising debt and restructuring debt, especially when linked to the types of transactions listed above
Trade Finance – Import finance, invoice finance, structured finance, stock finance
Our clients benefit from our specialist corporate finance and restructuring advisory knowledge, skills and expertise on the ground. We provide the local experts that the Middle East investors prefer to work with.